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The Best Steak House
516 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Sandwiches are served hot on texas toast with lettuce, tomato and onion.

Steak Burger Sandwich AKA Best Burger - 5.99
1/3 pound burger served on texas toast. Add cheese for $.75 plus tax.
6.72 with tax
Chop Sirloin Sandwich - 7.50
1/2 pound burger on texas toast.
8.41 with tax
Steak Sandwich - 8.99
6 oz ribeye steak on texas toast.
10.08 with tax
Gyro Sandwich - 8.50
Ground lamb and beef on pita bread, cucumber sauce on the side.
9.54 with tax
Fried Fish Sandwich - 6.99
Fried cod fillet on texas toast.
7.84 with tax
Chicken Monterey Sandwich - 6.99
Grilled chicken breast on texas toast.
7.84 with tax
Pork Chop Sandwich - 6.50
Grilled pork chop on texas toast.
7.29 with tax
Chicken Gyro Sandwich - 6.99
Grilled monterey chicken breast wrapped in pita bread.
7.84 with tax
Grilled Cheese - 5.50
6.17 with tax
Add Cheese to any item - .99
1.11 with tax